About Us

We're creating socially responsible apparel in Canada, focusing on sustainably closing the loop
in fashion by changing the approach on how clothing is made and disposed of after you’ve outgrown it.

Our Missions

Northern Threads is a Toronto based apparel company that is committed to producing socially-conscious clothing. It’s no secret that the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world and our goal is to help mitigate the harmful effects of fast-fashion by using only sustainable fabrics in our products. Whether it is organic or recycled cotton; you can have peace of mind about how your clothes are made and where they go after you’ve outgrown them. It’s our mission to be a market leader in sustainability for casual wear.

Tree Project

We don’t just talk-the-talk, but we also walk-the-walk. We have committed to planting one tree for every single purchase made on Northern Threads with the help of our good friends at Eden Projects. Our customers can feel good about their purchase knowing it drives towards our mission of making our planet a more sustainable place

Tackling Microplastics

Microplastics are indeed micro in size, but the problems they cause are astronomical. Northern Threads is tackling the microplastics problem by vowing to only use natural fabrics like 100% cotton because of its biodegradability, stopping plastic pollution in our earth’s water supply in its tracks.

Don't Waste – Donate

One’s trash is another's treasure. Let’s each do our part and commit to donating items we no longer need. This small habit change can drastically clean up our landfills, plus these items will end up in better homes with a second or even third chance at living their best lives.

Sustainable Threads

Sustainable fashion is what we do best, and sustainable threads is how we do it. All of our garments are made from recycled and 100% organic cotton to ensure they can be repurposed after it’s lifespan. Sustainable products our customers love that the environment can also feel good about.

Northern Made

We’re a proud bunch. We’re proud that our products are made right here on Canadian soil. We’re proud to employ over 100 incredible and hard working Canadians. We’re proud that we’re able to help support our Canadian economy and communities. Simply put, Northern Threads is proud to be Canadian.


Are you unsure which size to buy? Can’t decide between the white tee or a blue hoodie? Don’t fully understand how the products we wear can make a big difference in our environment? Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you and answer any burning questions you may have.

Early on, we discovered that manufacturing entirely in Canada allows us
to design a truly sustainable product with socially conscious Canadians in mind.

Development & Design

By researching the harmful effects of fast-fashion
we design products with degradability in mind


Every item is proudly Made in Canada by our talented
team of pattern makers, cutters, and seamstresses


We ship our products from our Toronto facility
all across Canada and the United States

Every garment has a purpose

We're set out to design, manufacture, and deliver a high-quality and sustainable product for socially-conscious people.

With inspection and control at every stage of production from the knitting, dyeing, cutting and sewing phases, our apparel undergoes continuous analyzing and improvement throughout the various manufacturing processes.

Our goal is to only use natural materials in our fabrics, trims and accessories wherever possible. Because we care about the impact our choices make on the environment.

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