Dress Consciously.

Creating socially responsible apparel in Canada, focused on sustainably closing the loop in fashion by changing the approach on how clothing is made and disposed of after you've outworn it.

Northern Made.

Designed and handcrafted in Canada, because we care about who makes our clothes
just as much as who we make them for.

A Greener Approach to Fashion

Sustainable   |   Canadian   |   Responsible

It's no secret that the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world and our goal is to help mitigate the harmful effects of fast-fashion by using only sustainable fabrics in our clothing. Whether it is organic or recycled cotton, you can have peace of mind about how your clothes are made and where they go after you've outworn them. It's our mission to be a market leader in sustainability for casual wear.

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100% Cotton

Our products are entirely made from cotton including the thread. Why? Because we want our products to be truly sustainable – even after its intended life cycle.

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Made in Canada

Everything we carry is made from our Toronto, Canada facility with care and pride. Manufacturing locally is a conscious decision that we continue to uphold.

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Giving Back

A tree is planted on your behalf for every item purchased from our store. We believe in protecting the environment and helping communities along the way.




60% Recycled

Recycled cotton is reprocessed from pre-consumer (scraps from cutting, yarn from weaving) and post-consumption sources (discarded apparel and home textiles) that would otherwise be thrown away and end up in a landfill.

Fabrics are first sorted by colour, composition, and quality. After sorting, the textiles are shredded into raw fibre and then spun back into yarn to find new life in our products.

Always 100% Cotton

With our unique blend of organic and recycled cotton, our 100% cotton garments can potentially be composted at the end of its life or recycled repeatedly, significantly reducing water and energy consumption in the virgin cotton industry.

40% Organic

Organic cotton is free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and genetically modified seeds – making it safe for the farmer, wearer, and the environment.

By choosing GOTS certified cotton, you are also promoting human rights, steady jobs with fair wages, and a safe work environment for employees. Choosing the right fabrics is important in supporting a better world.

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1 Item Purchased = 1 Tree Planted

For every garment purchased from Northern Threads, a tree is planted on your behalf.
Learn more about the work being done and how you can contribute.


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