Northern Made

We’re a proud bunch. We’re proud that our products are made right here on Canadian soil. We’re proud to employ over 100 incredible and hard working Canadians. We’re proud that we’re able to help support our Canadian economy and communities. Simply put, Northern Threads is proud to be Canadian.

Exclusively Made in Canada

Northern Threads employs just a little over 100 people in their Toronto-based manufacturing facility. Our factory, Uniform Garment, started as a small family business and has grown to produce quality apparel for some of the world’s most established household-named brands in the past 20 years.

We have the confidence behind our carefully curated fabrications and construction processes because we understand the challenges of manufacturing. This unique position enables us to raise the standard by combining premium materials with forward-thinking to create high quality socially conscious products.

Having endured the collapse of the Canadian textile industry, keeping manufacturing alive in Canada is a conscious decision and one that we will continue to uphold. We believe in supporting our local economy, treating people with respect, fair compensation, safe working environments, and high-quality craftsmanship.

Our Departments

Every Northern Threads garment goes through many pairs of eyes and hands before they get to you.





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