Sustainable Threads

Sustainable fashion is what we do best, and sustainable threads is how we do it. All of our garments are made from recycled and 100% organic cotton to ensure they can be repurposed after it’s lifespan. Sustainable products our customers love that the environment can also feel good about.

Closing the Loop

By definition, a “closed loop” is a process in which post-consumer products can be collected, recycled and used to make new products at the end of their intended use. Consumers are becoming more mindful of what materials their clothing is made from and the impact they have on the environment.

It was important to us that we chose our fabrication carefully as we wanted natural fibres that were biodegradable and had the least environmental impact. We only use 100% cotton in our products as we intend for our garments to be recycled or composted after they have been outworn. The issue with blending synthetic materials (such as a polyester/cotton mix) is that their fibres cannot be separated after use and therefore cannot be recycled into fabric again.

With our unique blend of organic and recycled cotton, our garments can potentially be composted at the end of its life or recycled repeatedly, significantly reducing water and energy consumption in the virgin cotton industry.

Our Blend

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and genetically modified seeds – making it safe for the farmer, wearer, and the environment.

By choosing GOTS certified cotton, you are also promoting human rights, steady jobs with fair wages, and a safe work environment for employees. Choosing the right fabrics is important in supporting a better world.

Recycled Cotton

Recycled cotton is reprocessed from pre-consumer (scraps from cutting, yarn from weaving) and post-consumption sources (discarded apparel and home textiles) that would otherwise be thrown away and end up in a landfill.

Fabrics are first sorted by colour, composition, and quality. After sorting, the textiles are shredded into raw fibre and spun back into yarn to find new life into new products, including ours.

Cotton Trims

Cotton trims are the ideal complement to our unique 100% cotton stock fabrication. It was essential for us to use cotton zipper tapes, labels, and drawstrings for our styles as we want our products to be 100% recyclable and biodegradable at the end of the garments intended use.

Fabric Dyeing

We use air-flow dyeing machinery for our fabrics. This innovative new technology uses an air jet rather than a water jet to dye fabrics. The overall savings in water consumption is up to 80% less than conventional dyeing cylinders.

In additional to water conservation, the exterior of the tank has a thermal insultation coating which helps improve the heating rate and reduce operating time, resulting in less energy used.

Sustainable Packaging

We've opted to use 100% compostable mailer bags when shipping out orders to help improve our environmental footprint. The bags are made from plant-based material, which means it will dissolve in 6 months, as opposed to the 1000 year lifespan of a regular plastic bag.

We also wrap our items in biodegradable tissue paper instead of polybags. We use second-hand cardboard boxes for shipping larger orders that are unable to fit into our mailers, that can be broken down, recycled, and reused.

Wash Less, Wear Well

Apparel manufacturing uses resources heavily, but did you know that two-thirds of clothes' environmental impact happens after you take it home through laundering?

We encourage wearers to wash infrequently to conserve water and energy consumption. If you have a pesky stain, try spot cleaning it instead. When it's finally time to wash, launder in cold temperatures to preserve fibres in the garment and reduce CO2 levels. Air dry your clothes instead of tumble drying to protect not only your threads but the environment as well.

Wear well, enjoy and donate your clothing after you have outworn it so that it can be repurposed or recycled into new fabric and therefore new clothing.

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